Rip 2D Blu-ray to 3D for playing on LG 3D TV

“As a collector of Blu-ray discs, I have collected many 2D Blu-ray discs for a few years. Recently, with the development of the 3D technology, I am crazy about the 3D movies. Therefore, I decided to buy a LG 3D TV to enjoy the 3D movies at home instead of going out to the cinema. But here comes the problem: LG 3D TV is unable to play 2D Blu-ray discs with 3D effect, so how can I rip my 2D Blu-ray to 3D for playing on the LG 3D TV?” This is a problem from a net friend, and I believe many people may also have the same problem. So, in this article, I will help you to solve the problem as easy as pie.

Apparently, the LG 3D TV can not play the 2D Blu-ray with 3D effect directly because of the limit of video format. In order to solve this problem, you have to use Blu-ray Ripper to convert 2D Blu-ray to LG 3D TV supported format, like 3D MP4/MKV. However, there are so many kinds of Blu-ray Rippers in the market for you to choose, and it is hard for you to find which one is suitable for you. So here I want to recommend you the Pavtube BDMagic, as it can easily rip 2D Blu-ray to 3D MP4/MKV at a fast speed with high quality. It allows you to adjust video/audio parameters and 3D depth in the “Settings” window. Besides 2D Blu-ray to 3D MP4/MKV, it also can rip 2D/3D Blu-ray to general H.265, M3U8, MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, M4V for non-3D devices. If you want to know more information, you can read the review.

Besides, if you are a Mac user, you can also download the equivalent Pavtube BDMagic for Mac which has updated to support Mac OS X El Capitan to rip 2D Blu-ray to 3D movies.

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Steps to rip 2D Blu-ray to 3D for playing on LG 3D TV

Step 1. Load Blu-ray movies

Click “File” icon to load Blu-ray movies from your Blu-ray source(Disc, folder, ISO) to this 2D Blu-ray to LG 3D TV program.

Step 2: Customize output format

You can find the “3D Video” catalogue from the Format, and then choose either “MKV Side-by-Side 3D Video (*.mkv)” or “MP4 Side-by-Side 3D Video (*.mp4)”. (Differences Between Anaglyph 3D and Side-by-Side 3D)

Step 3: Start to convert

Hit the “Convert” button to transfer your 2D Blu-ray to 3D MP4/MKV for LG 3D TV. Wait a minute and you will get the 3D MKV or MP4 files as long as you click the “Open” button.

After you succeeded in ripping Blu-ray into 3D MP4/MKV, you can watch any 2D Blu-ray discs in 3D effect on LG 3D TV. So try it if you are also hype for this software.

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